Birchbox August 2013 “finshing school”

Hello everyone!

Yesterday my August Birchbox came in the mail! Which is  a new thing since it came super, super early. When I say early I mean early. Because Birchbox usually send out  the  boxes on the 10th of the month and yesterday was the 7th, so I was super surprise seeing the pink box that it comes in on my doorstep.


If you don’t know what Birchbox is or Just wondering if it worth getting. It’s a beauty subscription services that every month for 10 dollars which includes shipping; you get 4 to 5 deluxe sample from high-end or unknown brands, to try out and see if you would like it. If you like them then you can  purchase them in  full size which is  offer on their website. Also on the website you can gain points by filling out survey each survey is 10 points, so after 100 points you have 10 dollars to spend a full-size product or you can use it for  a gift subscription.


Every month the box has a theme where they send out different products to go with the theme and this month theme was “finishing school”.  Not the finishing school back in the day, that females went to learn to be a proper lady.  But things that help can finish off our look for our busy lives today; it can  be a lipstick, hairspray, or just spritzing your favorite perfume right before leaving.


Let’s get started with the goodies for this month!

Harvey prince Eau flirt

I usually love perfume samples cause there always good to have in your make up for a pick me up during the day.  But when I open my box this month I was wondering what that smell …and I don’t mean a good one. It was just a bad smell when I first  took it out the package but when I tried it just to see if it will change sent once it on me,since sent usually change from person to person. when I put it on  I really like it on.   According to the card it comes in the box to describe all product its fresh citrus and jasmine note. The only bad thing about the sample it didn’t come in spray bottle.


Juice Beauty OIl-free Moisturizer

I was happy that I was  getting this brand since I already try other stuff from Juice beauty and I already like their brand product, but the fact  it was an oil-free moisturizer which is  also great. Since I have very oily skin I try to find skin products that are oil-free, for i won’t put anymore oil on my skin.  Plus I notice  when I use’s products that have oil in them its make my face look more as  grease ball then it already is.  I also already tried this out and  I love that fact it feels so light when i put on the moisturizer, it feel like there nothing there and plus I notice the product also help with my oil though out the day which is a plus.


Model co Party proof lipstick in Disco fever

Who can’t use another lip  stick in their collection. Plus while it full-size also! I gotten a lip gloss from this company before and I use it all the time. So I was happy to be trying out one of  their lipsticks also. I gotten the color disco fever which is a bright coral more to the orange side which I don’t really like orangery lipsticks or lip glosses .  When I try it out I was also kind of upset because the orange tones didn’t really work with my cool skin tone, but knowing me I can probably pull it out by mixing  it with another lipstick or pairing it with a coral more to the pink side lip gloss so the lipstick wont go to waste.


Wish Exfoliating Body wash

Let’s first start off ever since i was a little girl I HATED and despise the sent of coconut. Some how this product made me like the scent and I thought that would never happened so I give this product props. Other than this product making me like I scent I use to hate it also work well,  I like how it makes me feel super clean and that all my dry skin is gone since it is exfoliating.


Sometime birchbox give you a  beauty extra which is usually just a sample just not a deluxe sample or sometimes it just doesn’t go with beauty and it usually food.  My beauty extra for this month is Hair Inhibiting Deodorant swipes.  I think concept is very interesting since it tackles the odor your under arms give but also slow down hair swipes. I don’t know about you but this is going be TMI but  I have to shave my underarms daily so whatever help to slow down the growth of my hair its great so I really cant wait to try this out.


If you think you want to get your very own  birchbox click here but to warn you might get the same things as me or not. If you already get birchbox I would like to hear what you guys get also.

till next time


Lauren Marie.


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